Homeless Shelters

The Summer Fund partners with 20-25 Boston-area homeless shelters and transitional agencies to identify at-risk children and youth who would benefit from participation in safe, structured summer programming. If your shelter or agency serves homeless families in Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, or Somerville and is interested in partnering with us, we encourage you to contact us.

Shelters and agencies that partner with the Summer Fund receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the Homeless Campership Fund, a vital resource providing 400-600 weeks of free camperships each summer to homeless campers and their families
  • Access to high-quality camps providing safe, supervised, enriching ┬ásummer activities for children who are especially vulnerable due to homelessness
  • Relief for homeless parents and families who need childcare during summer months to address financial and personal issues
  • Access to the unsurpassed expertise of the Summer Fund camp network serving underserved and at-risk children and youth in Greater Boston

Our Impact

Our mission is to provide stewardship of the land and resources and to offer educational experiences. The Summer Fund gives campers the opportunity to enjoy and learn about nature and teambuilding activities. It is a great way to get inner city camps and children to become stewards of the land.

— Hale Reservation

Random Quote

In 2017, the Summer Fund allocated $980,000 to support over 20,000 disadvantaged and at-risk youth, youth in homeless shelters, and those facing housing insecurities to take part in summer camping, access to cultural and arts activities, and job opportunities for the summer.