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Our Impact

When I was thirteen, MetroLacrosse changed me by giving me the opportunity to learn how to be a leader on and off the lacrosse field. I have learned how to solve problems both individually and cooperatively (like communicating in ways other than just using my voice), how to respect and learn from the people around me including my peers and mentors, how to play on a team of players who are my opponents during the season, and maybe most importantly for me, how to allow other’s voices to be heard.

— Victoria D’Elia, former camper MetroLacrosse Teen Summer Programs

Random Quote

The Summer Fund provides 60% of the total number of groups we serve for our summer programs, which yields 35% of our total participants and 40% of our participant fees. The impact of the Summer Fund on YES’s Outdoor Adventure Program is substantial. It provides the opportunity for more than 250 participants to receive introductory, one-day outdoor experiential education excursions, which we hope will leave them yearning to come back for more.

— Youth Enrichment Services (YES)